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Laid Off Lady Gets Help for Cupcake and Wine Bar


Marlo Scott, Owner

  Interview Highlights

  • Cupcake, beer and wine bar.
  • The business is her Sweet Revenge from being laid off in the corporate world.
  • I get to be happy and make people happy.
  • Being laid off was a blessing.
  • If she had supportive bosses she may have never found what she really wanted.
  • She was working for Time, Inc.
  • It's been 2½ years and the first was the hardest.
  • She had a lot of help researching and doing her business plan.
  • She took free and cheap classes.
  • Got lots of great help from SCORE.
  • She spent a lot of time at the public library working on her business plan.
  • New York City has a free class called Restaurant Boot Camp.
  • Private consultants will charge $100-$200 per hour for what she got for free.
  • She took affordable classes at the local culinary schools, not for cooking, but for running a food business.
  • She got a SBA loan to finance her business.
  • You have to prove your amount of investment in the business.
  • She is not a chef or baker so experts work in her kitchen.
  • Her biggest surprise was that she did not realize how hard the first year would be.
  • But she would not change anything.
  • She has received lots of awards from local magazines and was on the Martha Stewart show.