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Lesko Gets A Home Energy Audit


Tony Crane and Chris Fisher
Efficient Home, 3905 National Drive,
Suite 105 Burtonsville, MD 20866

  Interview Highlights

  • Lesko invites Home Energy Audit Company to perform an energy audit on his home.
  • Experts describe the process of an energy audit.
  • Describes the value of an energy audit.
  • Video show highlights of the house inspection.
  • The inspection and testing takes about 2 hours.
  • There are a lot of good reasons to replace windows but payback is not one of them.
  • Cost of inspection for Lesko's house is $300 because it is an all electric home.
  • They are auditors and licensed contractors.
  • They take the data from the audit and run it thru a Department of Energy software that tells you the best things to do to save money.
  • The test will judge how long it takes for the house to completely change the air.
  • It should be a complete change every 3 hours, if it changes more often you are losing money.
Shows that Lesko Can Invest $993.80 in Insulation and Save $746.19/Year In Utility Bills
In 1.3 Years Lesko Will Pay For The $993.80 In Insulation Cost Because of Lower Utility Bills
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