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University of San Diego Undergraduate Marketing Association, San Diego, CA
Highlights From Talk
  • I used to think that marketing was the worst thing to do in the world.
  • Now I think it is the most important part of a business because this is what gets you customers and if you don't have a customer, you don't have a business no matter how good your product is.
  • You may see me as a crazy huckster salesman on TV but I see myself as an educator.
  • I spend 80-90% of my creativity trying to sell my product versus trying to produce my product.
  • I copy everything I have from the government but you don't know about the places I copy from because the government does not advertise.
  • Marketing is like making love.
  • Being a professional makes you miss the biggest marketing opportunities.
  • Be careful when a marketing consultant asks, What's Your Budget?"
  • Don't Plan for Success, Plan for Failure.
  • Anyone can do marketing with a lot of money, but having a lot of money is the KEY TO FAILURE.
  • My first TV infomercial cost me $200,000 now it costs me less than $10,000.
  • How to tell what advertising is really worth to you.Young people know more about marketing in the New/Bad Economy than older people.
  • Capitalism is not going away. We have 3 billion more capitalists in the world with China, India, Russia, etc.
  • Marketing in the United States will be a booming industry in the future as developing countries grow and can't compete on price alone anymore.
  • Models in the new economy have businesses that survive by not making money.
  • The easiest thing to do is to spend money.
  • Figure out how to do it without money, then just do it, if it does not work, it does not matter, if it works, then you are a hero.
  • How to get someone to prove that their marketing (TV, Web, Magazine, etc.) works before you spend money doing it.
  • How marketing will help you start a business in something you have passion for and do it with little or no money.
  • 9 Out of 10 marketing ideas fail.
Hi Matthew, all I can say is "many thanks!" Your very realistic and eye/mind opening presentations to two of my classes and the Marketing Group at USD were spectacular and appropriate for all ages and stages in employment. I love the resources you make available to people, they have to look around and take it on themselves to save, earn, and succeed.
Thanks again! Will spread the word too!
Hi Miss Samson,

I want to first thank you for giving The Marketing Group and the Personal Selling class an opportunity to hear from Matthew Lesko. Matthew Lesko was an amazing and unique speaker, one of the best, inspirational speakers that we have had. He gave us practical advice that was easily-applicable in a very refreshing and lively manner as compared to the usual speakers. The only concern I have heard would be the choices of words such as using masturbation,coming from the administrative perspective. But besides that one issue, I have heard nothing but positive thoughts from the students and faculty on Mr. Lesko's speech from two groups (Personal Selling class and The Marketing Group). There were many students and faculty that had wished they had come to hear him speak. Is there any chance he is still continuing his College Speaking Tour next school year because we would love to hear from him again!.

I hope this has helped. If more is needed, please let me know because I would be more than willing to write more.
Belinda Ngo
The Marketing Group
University of San Diego