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Low-Interest Loans & Grants For Farms

Wineries and Forest Products

Steve McHenry, Executive Director
Maryland Agriculture and Resource-Based
Industry Development Corporation

Question and Answer Session
Includes Other Speakers

Loans Programs:
Grant Programs:
Other Programs:
Farm Energy Audits
$300 for energy audit which will be refunded if you implement one or more of the recommendations made thru the energy audit. Incentives can pay for up to 50% of project costs.
Next Generation Farmland Acquisition Program
Assists young and beginning farmers with the purchase of farmland. Funds are not expected to be available until FY 2012.
Interview Highlights:
  • There is a similar agency like theirs in Pennsylvania.
  • Their money is for Ag and Resource-Based business.
  • Their mission is not to create jobs but to keep rural land to be used for agriculture and not for development.
  • Provides access to affordable capital.
  • They are publicly funded but operate like a private non-profit.
  • They offer mostly loan programs.
  • Budget problems have curtailed the grant programs but they are hoping to bring them back.
  • They work together with commercial lenders or other financial institutions.
  • They like to see the lender provide 10% of the investment needed.
  • The loan for wine growers has an option where you pay interest only for the first 3 years.
  • Special funds available for Ag-Cooperatives.
This video was made at Future Harvest SASA Annual Convention :