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Local Communities Help You Start/Expand a Business

Daniel Fitzgerald, CCEZ Manager
Calexico County Enterprise Zone
301 Heber Ave,
Calexico, CA 92231
 760-0768-7190,  760-0768-7190
Mike Paredes
Vice President of Business Development
Imperial Valley Economic Development
Corporation 12224 State Street,
Suite B, El Centro, CA 92243

  Interview Highlights

  • They are the most southeastern county in Southern California.
  • It is a lot cheaper to have a business in an Enterprise Zone.
  • They can significantly lower the California tax burdens and in many cases wipe them out.
  • There are 42 Enterprise Zones in California.
  • There are also many financing options like: - a hiring tax credit gives you back a certain amount of the employee's salary in a tax credit.
  • Banks also get a tax break on the interest they charge you if you are in an enterprise zone, so they are more likely to lend you money if you have a business in an EZ.
  • They help a lot of small to medium size businesses.
  • A business in Imperial Valley is able to take advantage of the lower cost of wages in Mexico because they are so close to Baja California that there is a commuter workforce that crosses the border every day to work in Imperial Valley.
  • You can have a US business and a Mexican workforce.
  • They can help with most any problem you may have in starting a business like land selection, site selection, workforce development, demographic information, help with job training for your business, business licensing, etc.
  • They have multiple training programs to train your employees like: installation of rooftop solar panels or for utility grade solar panels, and for energy efficiency.
  • They are the middle person to the sources to help you start or grow a business.
  • You can be a business with 5 jobs or 500 jobs.
  • They also work with a lot of entrepreneurs to start and grow.