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Local Help For Going Green Chicago Center for Green Technology


Sarah Moloney
Project Coordinator Department of Environment
Natural Resources & Water Quality
Chicago Center for Green Technology
445 North Sacramento Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60612

  Interview Highlights

  • Information clearinghouse for the public to learn about green technology.
  • A place to come to learn all about different kinds of green technology.
  • For example how to get an energy audit.
  • Investigates your goals and determines how to direct your research.
  • Partners with other organizations and individuals to hook them up.
  • Run about 150 classes a year on energy topics and most are FREE or very low-cost.
  • Most classes cover how to integrate green technology in your work, home, business, building etc.
    • Collect rain water from roof to use to water your plants.
    • Help with water run off and basement wetting.
  • Free compact florescent light bulbs.
  • Free Building Tours where you can see green technology at work.
  • A library with free building material samples, different kinds of flooring material, 1,200 solar panels to look at, a green roof, geothermal technology to keep the building cool.
  • Samples of cork flooring. Cork trees regenerate the cork.
  • See a complete solar powered home, Chicago is a great place for solar because it does not have to be warm.
  • In Chicago you can hook your solar panels into the energy grid and sell your extra energy to the utility company.
  • Chicago has incentive programs to invest in energy conservation efficiency.
  • Information is not that easy to find and that is why they are there to help people.