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Low-Cost Program Takes Coffee Entrepreneur To Next Level


Marcela Zuchovicki, President/CEO
Jalima and Associates

  Interview Highlights

  • They are an affordable bookkeeping solution for small businesses, non-profits, individuals and CPA firms.
  • They also provide Quickbooks training and strategic planning and CFO practices.
  • They started in December of 2010.
  • She also has a coffee business that helps farmers.
  • Their coffee is being sold in Zabars in New York City.
  • They import coffee from Mexico.
  • She uses the Rutgers Business School Center for Economic Development.
  • She joined their entrepreneur program to help her business figure out how to make her coffee business a sustainable venture.
  • She started a new business while in the program because they helped show her that her coffee business was not sustainable.
  • Her new business helps other businesses obtain accounting and financial services.
  • Rutgers Business School created a program called Quickbooks Financial Bookcamp.
  • They selected 10 business who need financial training by using her services.
  • The participants were charged only a small fee of $250.
  • The Economic Development Center helped get out of a non-sustainable business and into one that is growing.
  • Her mother is a survivor of the Holocaust and taught her that it is important to contribute to society.
  • Everything she has accomplished she credits the Rutgers Economic Development Center.
  • They not only provide you counseling, but they give you tools to get to the next level.

The Program That Helped Marcela Get To The Next Level.
The Entrepreneurs Pioneer Initiative.
The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.
Rutgers Business School

  • Aides and transform small businesses in urban areas.
  • They service entrepreneurs in the urban area in all of New Jersey.
  • They provide entrepreneurs with the keys to help them grow their businesses and contribute to their community.
  • There is a small fee of $250 to cover some of their services like refreshments for their meetings.
  • 9-month program for established businesses that meet once a month for training, peer review, and one-on-one counseling.
  • Like a graduate course for small businesses that want to grow.
  • The program is aimed at first generation entrepreneurs.
  • Includes all kinds of businesses: catering, restaurants, fitness centers, health, life coaching, construction.