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Making Money Out Of Food Waste From Hotels


Walker Lunn, Member & Manager
EnviRelation, LLC
PO Box 3711, Washington, DC 20027
 202-465-4801,  340-773-6499

  Interview Highlights

  • They provide sustainability services to the hospitality industry.
  • They provide waste composting services and emissions analytical services.
  • They look at green house gas emissions and provide a report that shows them what they are and are not doing.
  • They take food waste from hotels and take it to a local business that makes compost out of it.
  • This becomes a product for sale for landscapers and developers.
  • This is much better than taking the food as garbage and trucking it to Pennsylvania to be placed in to a dump because there is no more room in the DC area.
  • They make money out of this because the compost people pay for the garbage and the hotel does not have to pay for garbage pick-up.
  • It's a win-win-win for everyone including the future generations.
  • If it grows it goes ... they can recycle more then you can in the backyard, bones and stuff takes a long time to deconstruct.
  • They are the only non-subsidized, for-profit outfit that provides this service.
  • They have been operating for 4 and 1/2 years.