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With the Unemployment numbers higher than in the last 25 years and it looks like things will be worse before they get better, you may want to know what help is available to you if you find yourself among the 650,000 people who lost there job in a recent money.  Here is another interesting fact.. the number of people who have been out of work for 27 weeks or more increased from 1.6 million over the past year to 2.9 million.
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$8,000 To Train For A New Job
$3.95 Billion for job training including State formula grants for adult, dislocated worker, and youth programs (including $1.2 billion to create up to one million summer jobs for youth). The training and employment needs of workers also will be met through dislocated worker national emergency grants, new competitive grants for worker training in high growth and emerging industry sectors (with priority consideration to “green ” jobs and healthcare), and increased funds for the Job Corps and Youth Build programs. Green jobs training will include preparing workers for activities supported by other economic recovery funds, such as retrofitting of buildings, green construction, and the production of renewable electric power. You can contact the U.S. Department of Labor at   or you can look at the Career One-Stops at Watch these videos,
Train For A Green Job
See this report and video…
$500 Million In Stimulus Bill For Green Job Training
It is not clear where this money is going yet.  Contact your state Career One Stop Center to begin your search at
The Best Help With Credit Problems Is Free
Free Medical Care
$87 billion in increased Medicaid funding will help states to respond to rising numbers of Americans seeking health coverage through Medicaid, to balance state budgets, and to deal with other fiscal pressures brought on by the economic crisis. Contact Your State Department of Health or Family Services at More free medical care   Watch this video
$2,000 Worth of Free Prescription Drugs
Make over $40,000 and get all but Viagra.  Drug companies do not want everybody to know this, but they will give certain people who cannot afford their medications their drugs free of charge.  Your doctor needs to write a note to the drug companies stating that you cannot afford the prescriptions.  Your doctor will also need to fill out a form, and then the company will ship the medications to your doctor’s office.  To receive a listing of drug companies, check out the website at or contact Partnership for Prescription Assistance at 888-4PPA-NOW
More Special Reports On Jobs, Training and Education
Free Help With Your Mortgage
More Money While You Are Looking For Work
They increased who is eligible to receive unemployment benefits so even if they recently told you that you don’t qualify, check again.$47 billion in unemployment insurance improvements will allow Americans who lose their jobs in the economic downturn to receive an extra $25 in their weekly benefits, receive unemployment insurance longer if needed, pay fewer taxes on unemployment benefits, and get help even if they need to move to part-time work or leave work for family reasons.  Go to
Get 65% Of Your Health Insurance Paid For
$26 billion in COBRA premium assistance will help workers who lose their jobs to keep health coverage longer with a 65% subsidy for COBRA premiums. Contact Your State Department of Insurance at and look at U.S. Department of Labor’s site
Help Paying For Groceries
$16.5 billion for additional Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly Food Stamps, benefits. Contact the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program at Watch these videos ,
Extra Money to Live On
$3 billion in Temporary Assistance to Needy Families funding will allow programs to better serve the country’s lowest-income families in this time of economic crisis. Contact Your State Department of Health and Human Services or Department of Family Services at  You can also find information at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at Watch this video

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Keep Your Medical Coverage When You Go From Assistance To Work
$1.8 billion in Medicaid, Medicare, and Indian Health Service funds will allow Americans transitioning into the workforce from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program to keep health coverage through Medicaid longer, will assist low-income seniors and disabled Americans with Medicare premiums, and will help American Indians and Alaska Natives afford health care. Contact Your State Department of Health and Human Services or Department of Family Services at You can also find information at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at
Free Child care
Child Care Development Block Grant: $2 billion to provide quality child care services for an additional 300,000 children in low-income families who increasingly are unable to afford the high cost of day care
Contact the National Child Care Information Center at
Free Pre-School
Head Start & Early Head Start: $2.1 billion to allow an additional 124,000 children to participate in this program, which provides development, educational, health, nutritional, social and other activities that prepare children to succeed in school.  Contact the Office of Head Start at
Reduce Your Energy Bills
An extra $2.9 Billion for Weatherization Assistance Programs. Contact
 Watch this video
Money For food For Children
$500 Million for the Special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). The Committee recommends a total of $500 million for WIC. In addition, the bill provides $150 billion for Food Banks. Contact the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program at the Food and Nutrition Service at
Free Meals For Seniors
$100 Million to help senior meals programs cope with steep increases in food and fuel costs. Many programs are reducing meal deliveries to seniors or closing meal sites. The funding in the bill will result in an additional 30 million meals served. Contact the Nutrition Services Incentive Program of the Food and Nutrition Service at or the Eldercare Locator at
More Money for College Students
$15.6 Billion to increase the Pell Grant maximum awardand pay for increases in program costs resulting from increased eligibility and higher Pell Grant awards. The bill supports an increased Pell Grant maximum award to $5,350 in the 2009-2010 academic year and  $5,550 in the 2010-2011 academic year. This aid will help 7 million students pursue postsecondary education. Contact Federal Pell Grant Program at the U.S. Department of Education at . or Federal Student Aid at the U.S. Department of Education at
Money For People With Disabilities To Train For A New Job
$500 Million for vocational rehabilitation state formula grants to help individuals with disabilities prepare for and sustain gainful employment. You can contact the Rehabilitative Services Administration at the U.S. Department of Education at  or your State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation at
Free Job Placement Services
$400 Million for employment services to match unemployed individuals to job openings through state employment service agencies and allow States to provide customized reemployment services. Contact Your State Employment Services at  or you can look at the Career One-Stops at
Money for Banks To Lend to Low Income Entrepreneurs
$250 Million to immediately provide capital to qualified community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to invest in the development of underserved communities. Contact the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund at   To find  a community development financial institution near you see
Money For Local Non-Profits Who Help People In Need
$400 Million for States and local non-profits to deliver critical services to unemployed and low-income individuals struggling with the effects of the recession. Contact the Social Services Block Grant Program at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Money for Local Community Groups to Help You
$200 Million to local community action agencies (CAAs) for services to the growing numbers of low-income families hurt by the economic crisis, such as housing and mortgage counseling, jobs skills training, food pantry assistance, as well as benefits outreach and enrollment. Contact Your local community action agency at
Homeowners Assistance for Those In the Military
$410.9 Million to expand the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) during the national mortgage crisis. Currently, HAP provides financial assistance to military and some civilian personnel who suffer severe financial loss or face foreclosure when property values decline as a result of a base closure. Includes reimbursement for part of your loss from selling your home; assist you if you don’t receive enough proceeds from the sale of your home to pay off your mortgage; buy your home by paying off your mortgage, and help you if you default on your mortgage.  Contact the U.S. Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program at
Money for Small Town Homeowners To Buy Homes Or Avoid Foreclosure
$200 Million to support $11.5 billion in loans for 105,000 very low to moderate-income rural households to purchase a house or avoid the risk of foreclosure, especially during this period of uncertainty in the housing market.  Contact the Rural Housing Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture at
More and Cheaper Loans for Small Buisness
$730 Million in Loans for Small Businesses, including $630 million to support $20 billion in zero-fee or reduced-fee loans to small businesses and $30 million for loans and critical technical assistance to “micro” borrowers. The dollar amount of loans guaranteed under the SBA’s two largest business loan programs was down 40% in the first quarter of this year compared to last.  Contact the U.S. Small Business Administration at
Free Employees To Non-Profits
  • $200 Million for Non-Profits who Help Communities to Receive Free Employees from AmeriCorps.  Contact
  • $50,000 To Go Back To College
No matter what your age, it is never too late to go back to school.  There are actually more people on college campuses today over 35 than there are 18 and 19 year olds.  And if you are 55 or 60, there are over 350 colleges where you can go back to school for free or next to nothing.  It is the best investment of your time and money you can make in this country.  All the good jobs require brainpower.  The more brainpower you have, the more money you are worth in the job market.  A friend of mine recently completed her masters and increased her salary by $12,000 per year. That is a minimum of an extra $12,000 per year for the next 30 years of her working life: $360,000.  You cannot make anywhere near that kind of return on your investment on Wall Street, at your bank, or even in real estate.
To find money for college check the following:
  • For all federal money programs, look at a book called the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, published by the U.S. Government Printing Office and available in most public libraries, on online at ( ).
  • For state money programs, contact your state department of higher education located in your state capital, and
  • For private and foundation scholarship money, go to a good book store or a public library and look at four or five of the biggest scholarship books you can find.  No one source has everything, so check as many as you can and apply everywhere.
$1,500 A Month To Live On While You Start Your Own Business
The government will give you money to live on for 6 months while you start your own business.  There are a number of states, including New York and Iowa that will allow you to collect unemployment money while you are trying to get your business started.  It used to be that you could only receive unemployment compensation if you were actively looking for a job and going on job interviews.  Now Uncle Sam considers entrepreneuring to be a legitimate job.  Contact your state unemployment labor office to see what your local rules are on entrepreneuring.  To learn more check out
$10,000 To Take Entrepreneur Training Courses
Each state has established local job-training centers that provide money to job seekers to upgrade their skills and get better jobs. Many of these local centers allow residents to use this money to train to become an entrepreneur.  So you might very well be eligible to receive $10,000 to take a course in “How To Start Your Own Business.”  Contact your state One-Stop Labor Information Center headquarters located in your state capital and they can direct you to a local office to explain how to get this money.  Check them out at
$100,000 To Become A Freelancer Working From Your Kitchen Table
My wife got over $100,000 of government money to do consulting right out of our home.  My sister got over $350,000 from the government to frame pictures.  They are both government contactors and they make good livings as freelancers.  To be a freelancer in this country all you need are business cards, a phone and a desk, and the government will take it from there.  There are free offices around the country that will help any freelancer get government contracts.  The government buys more of anything than anyone else in the world including: legal services, web design, aerobic instructors, landscaping, cleaning, and even stand-up comics. And only 20% of this business is in the Washington area.  Can you believe that one year the government even spent $30,000 on a freelance priest?  Contact your state Office of Economic Development located in your state capital or your local Procurement Assistance Office who can match the product or service you are selling with the appropriate agency, and then help you market your wares effectively.  To find the office nearest you, contact

Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Office,
Cameron Station,
Room 4B110,
Defense Logistics Agency,
Alexandria, VA 
22304; 703-767-1661;
Free Help To Turn Your Hobby Into A Career
Are you a hiker wishing you can find job as a back-packer but know there are not any?  Maybe you love golf, but know there is no way you are ever going to be good enough to make money playing golf.  Or, you love animals, but know you never want to go through the rigors of veterinary school and anyway, you cannot stand the sight of blood.  Do not worry as there is always more than one way to make money with your passion and you can do it for FREE. There are dozens of little businesses that you can start for free around any area of interest and get all the free help you need to get them started. A back packer can sell back-packing equipment on the internet or be a back packing tour operator.  An avid golfer can sell golf related equipment or supplies or be a golf tour organizer.  An animal lover can sell unique pet supplies on the web or offer pet sitting services.  And none of these businesses require money to start.  If you want to sell hiking, golfing, or pet equipment, start contacting manufactures and tell them so.  If you start it on the web, you don’t even need samples, just pictures.  If you sell off the web, the worst is that some manufacturers will ask you to purchase samples at a discount.  But if you are enthusiastic, you can likely talk them out of this.  For any service business, like hiking tours, golf tours or dog sitting, the only thing you need are customers.  And if you cannot figure out the tours, find a tour operator doing business now and ask if you can sell their product.  They will love it, and you will learn.  If you need marketing, management, legal or any other kind of help, contact your state Office of Economic Development at and ask for your local Small Business Development Center at;They will help you for free.
$250,000 To Work On Your Invention
People pay good money for good ideas, especially the government.  There is even government grant money available to work on ideas, either your own or the ones that the government has.  North Dakota gives inventors up to $100,000 to work on ideas, and Delaware offers inventors up to $25,000 to write a business plan and get patents.  Contact your state Office of Economic Development to investigate what your state has to offer inventors.
$30,000 For Job Seekers With Disabilities
The Federal Government has funded programs around the country to help people with disabilities get and keep jobs.  The programs include money for education, job training, living expenses, transportation, equipment and mobility aids. Most of these programs are operated through the states.  Contact your state Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Client Assistance Programs located in your state capital.  There are also some programs at the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213;
For more general information contact:
Clearinghouse on Disability Information,
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services,
U.S. Dept. of Education,
Room 3132 Switzer Bldg.,
Washington, DC 20202;
$7,000 Of Retraining If Over 55
The Senior Community Service Employment Program offers part-time training and employment opportunities for eligible low-income persons 55 years of age and older in a variety of public and private non-profit community service settings, such as senior centers, nutrition programs, social service agencies, and many others.  To learn more contact your state Department of Labor or Division of Older Worker Programs,

U.S. Department of Labor,
Employment and Training Administration,
200 Constitution Ave.,
NW, Room N4641,
Washington, DC 
20210; 202-693-3842;
$2,000 To $2,000,000 To Start A Business
Each year over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs will get government money to start or expand their business. You can get $20,000 to start a business at home or millions to build an energy business in Texas. This money can be in the form of grants, loans, loan guarantees, venture capital and contracts.  There are literally thousands of places to contact at the state, federal and local government level.  The best place to start is at your state Office of Economic Development located in your state capital but make sure you do not stop there.
$250,000 To Buy Out Your Boss
There are a number of federal and state programs for employees who want to purchase the company where they are working.  Some programs offer money for any reason and some for specific reasons like: making your company employee owned or keeping your employer from moving out of state.  Contact your state Office of Economic Development located in your state capital for a starting place for locating these programs.
Free Help To Get A Government Job
You may read headlines in the newspaper about the government downsizing, but in fact the government hires about 400,000 a year no matter what the budget is.  The average wage is about $45,000. Only about 20% of the jobs are in Washington, DC with the rest scattered throughout the world. This could be a great way to see the country or live overseas while supporting yourself with a stable government job.  Contact The U.S. Office of Personal Management (OPM) USA Jobs at 478-757-3000 for more information on the best place to start.  You should also contact the local office of your Congressman.  They can send you information and help you through the process
Free Resume Writing, On-Line Job Search Training and Free Computers
If you do not have a computer, do not go to Kinko’s and pay $25 an hour to use one.  You can go to a local government office or sometimes a local non-profit organization that is contracted by the federal government to provide the job seeker with free help in resume writing, job interview techniques, or job searching on the internet.  They will even let you use free computers to prepare your resume or search the web. To see if there are offices like this near you, contact your state One-Stop Labor Information Center headquarters located in your state capital, or online at
Making Money With Internships
Monica Lewinski did not make much money as a government intern, but look at all the free publicity she got.  Just kidding.  Government internships are great temporary or part time jobs and they can pay good money. You can make $2,000 a month in the summer learning how Congress works, or earn $550 a week tracking down endangered species for the Department of Interior, or get a part time job at NASA while at school making $12 an hour helping prepare for the next manned space flight.  Check out the opportunities at
$$$$$$$ Money and Help For Divorced and Widowed Women Job Seeker
Single mothers deserve respect, as does any woman who suddenly needs to become a principal breadwinner for her family.  It is a leap of faith, but looking for career opportunities has never been easier for women than it is today.  Women Work! is a national network of over 1000 programs that provide support networks, skills training, job placement assistance, education and training, workshops, and more designed to help women enter the workforce.  To learn what is available in your state, contact

Women Work!,
National Network for Women’s Employment,
1625 K St., Suite 300,
Washington, DC 
20006; 800-235-2732;
Making Money As A Volunteer
There are government volunteer programs like AmeriCorps that can give you up to $5,000 a year for spending money plus room, board, health care and money for college tuition.  And others like those at the Fish and Wildlife that offer $25 a day on a 2 week romp in Yosemite observing wildlife.  Other programs offer stipends and health care for seniors who want to be Foster Grandparents or to be a Companion to another senior.  Contact the local office of your congressman or senator or the Federal Information Center to see if they can direct you to more government volunteer programs 1-800-333-4636; or online at
$7,000 To Become A Dancer, Writer, Poet or Painter
Or you can get $10,000 to work on your photography. Or $2,500 to practice your piano.  State governments give out over $180,000,000 in grants to artists.  Contact your state arts council located in your state capital to see how you can qualify for this money.
$500 Worth of Dress-For-Success Interview Clothes
Looking for work and cannot afford the right wardrobe?  There are 50 non-profit organizations around the country that provide women with two separate outfits for free.  One can be used to go to an interview and the other can be used to get the job.  The following organization acts as a clearinghouse for similar opportunities around the country.

Bottomless Closet,
445 North Wells,
IL 60610, 312-527-9664;
Free Day Care and Care Fare When Training For A New Job
There are a number of programs, mostly at the local level that offer free child care, free transportation and even tuition to go to college or to get training.  You may even be eligible to receive money to pay for your books.  Programs like these may be hard to identify but are run by either your state or local Social Service Agency or your local One-Stop Labor Information Center Contact your state capital operator located in your state capital to begin tracking down these programs in your area.
$7,000 For A New Car and $700 To Fix Up You Car
There is a state program in Tennessee giving out free cars and even a free year’s worth of insurance coverage.  Pennsylvania gives out free cars but makes you pay for the insurance.  North Carolina makes you pay $50 a month for only one year.  That is only $600 and you get a great car.  Some programs even provide free AAA service for tows and jump starts.  Such programs are normally called “Wheels To Work” and they are popping up all over the country.  The government knows that working parents cannot drop off a child at day care, pick up food at the store and get back and forth to work and school on time by using public transportation. To start looking for programs like this in your area, contact your local congressman’s office or your local social service agency.  You can also check your state Department of Transportation located in your state capital or search “Wheels to Work” on your internet browser
$1,200/Month In Day Care Money While You Look For Work
Make $39,000 and get free child care.  In Connecticut your income can be $39,168 and you qualify for $640 a month in child care.  Make $25, 332 in Indiana and get $1,260 a month for infant care.  The Child Care and Development Block Grant gives money to states to help families meet their child care needs.  Parents may choose from a variety of child care providers, including center-based, family child care and in-home care, care provided by relatives, and even sectarian child care providers.  You can even get money to start a day care center!  To find out how to take advantage of this program in your state and to learn the eligibility requirements, contact

National Child Care Information Center,
243 Church St.,
NW, Vienna, VA 
22180; 800-616-2242;
$$$$$$ Money and Help For Ex-Military Job Seeker
If you are a Vet, there are a bunch of programs that will help you search for a new career including the following:
  • vocational and educational counseling
  • special assistance for vets with disabilities or homelessness
  • help with training to be a teacher
  • free tutoring for vets in college
  • free counseling and money to start a business
  • special employment and training programs
For help in locating these programs contact Department of Veterans Affairs at 800-827-1000;
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can help you identify and prosecute any mean people who take advantage of you when you are looking for work or trying to improve your work skills. The following free publications are available:
  • Choosing a Career or Vocational School
  • Federal and Postal Job Scams: Tip-offs to Rip-offs
  • Medical Billing Business Opportunity Schemes
  • OUCH... Students Getting Stung Trying to Find $$$ for College
  • Out of Work How to Deal with Creditors?
  • Work-at-Home Schemes
For copies of these publications for help in getting satisfaction contact:

Public Reference,
Room 130,
Federal Trade Commission,
Washington, DC 
20580; 877-FTC-HELP;
Also contact your State Attorney General’s Office located in your state capital, as they will also help you get justice.
$2,000 A Month To Pay Your Mortgage While You Are Looking For Work
WOW, the government will pay my mortgage!  You would never have thought to ask, would you?  There are now programs that will make your mortgage payments for you when you get into financial trouble.  One of the best ways to find out if there are programs like this in your area is to contact the local HUD approved Housing Counseling agencies.  To find your closest agency, contact your state housing office, or the Housing Counseling Center locator at 800-569-4287;
Free Credit Repair
It always seemed strange to me that if you are in debt enough to need help with credit repair, why in the world would you spend more money on credit repair services?  You can do it for free, yourself!  Spending money needlessly is what got you there in the first place.  The Federal Trade Commission has many publications to get you on the road to good credit and can also tell you your rights in dealing with collection agencies. For more information contact

Public Reference,
Room 130,
Federal Trade Commission,
Washington, DC 
20580; 877-FTC-HELP;

You can also get free counseling at your local County Cooperative Extension Service listed in the government section of your phone book under County Government. Or contact one of the non-profits that can help with your debt:

National Foundation for Credit Counseling,
801 Roeder Rd.,
Suite 900, Silver Spring, MD 
20910; 800-388-2227;

Remember that these non-profits get money from credit card companies so they are not likely to explain your bankruptcy options to you
Free Vacations While You Are Looking For A Job
How about going on a free archeological dig for 2 weeks in Alaska?  Or studying marine biology off the coast of Maine?  That was what my family and I did for two summers with a U.S. Department of Agriculture program called Passport in Time (800-281-9176);  Or you can get paid to represent America at a conference in India for 2 weeks, or take your jazz group to tour Japan.  These programs are part of the activities at the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Citizen Exchanges (202-619-5348;  The government has dozens of programs like these at the federal level and there are even some at the state level, like money for artists and photographers to travel abroad. Contact the local office of your congressman or senator or the Federal Information Center to see if they can direct you to more government travel related programs 1-800-333-4636; or online at
Show A Potential Employer How To Get $7,000 To Hire You
Many state governments have programs that offer free money if they hire new employees.  Other states will give employers free money to take a new employee and train them in a needed skill, like computers, or in certain occupations like food service.  Employers can also get $2,400 from the government for hiring people with disabilities, people who live in certain zip codes, people who received government assistance, ex-felons or even veterans.  To find out about programs in your area, contact your state Office of Labor, your state Office of Economic Development and your state Office of Taxation all located in your state capital
Show Your Boss How To Get Money To Train You For A Better Job
Show your boss how to make you become more productive (and more employable when you leave) by tapping into free government money to upgrade your skills.  You can learn computer skills, customer service skills, new technologies or even stress management. Rhode Island gives companies $25,000 to companies to upgrade their employee’s skills, Tennessee gives $5,000, and Ohio gives $250,000.  See what your state offers and let your boss know about it.  Contact your state Office of Labor or Department of Economic Development located in your state capital
Get Your GED At Age at 94
If Cecil Smith of California can get his GED when he was 80 years old after he dropped out of junior high school, anyone can do it.  The National Institute for Literacy is a government organization that will find you free help in preparing and taking your High School Equivalency Diploma tests.  You can search for help near you online at or call them at 1-800-228-8813.
Get Extra $6,000 If You Cannot Work
If your check is too small to live on, do not be discouraged.  If you don’t qualify for Social Security, or if your benefits are very low, you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  This program was established to help poor seniors over 65 and the blind and disabled meet basic living expenses.  To find out more about the program contact your local Social Security office or contact the Social Security hotline at 800-772-1213 or online at
$500 In Free Emergency Money

If you need emergency money to pay a bill, or for housing, training, health care, or just additional support, these organizations can be of service and they are likely to have an office near you.  Although these are private organizations, they do receive a portion of their funds from your favorite Uncle Sam.  Community Action Agencies: nearly 1,000 agencies around the country receive funds from the Community Services Block Grant to offer education, counseling, employment, training, and more.  To locate an agency serving your area contact

Community Action Partnership,
1100 17th St.,
NW, Washington, DC 
20036; 202-265-7546;

Catholic Charities: over 14,000 local organizations offer a variety of services for many different communities including child care, elderly services, emergency financial services, rental assistance, and more.  For an office near you contact

Catholic Charities USA,
1731 King St.,
#200, Alexandria, VA 
22314; 703-549-1390;

Salvation Army: families in need can receive a wide range of services including utility assistance, transitional housing emergency food, clothing, and more.  For an office near you, contact

Salvation Army National Headquarters,
615 Slaters Lane,
P.O. Box 269,
Alexandria, VA 
22313; 703-684-5500;

Get More Unemployment Insurance
Laid off workers receive up to $400 per week of Unemployment Insurance while looking for a new job or line of work.  In some states you can extend your unemployment benefits if you are participating in a retraining program, lost your job because of imports, or live in a high unemployment area.  Check with your local Unemployment Insurance office to see if you qualify for extra money and check online at
Get Paid While You Learn
Getting a good job does not always mean that you must attend college or trade school, but no one will readily admit that.  There are apprenticeship programs all over the country that will provide free on-the-job training, and you will learn while you earn.  Why would a company offer to train you for free?  Simple- they get a skilled worker that they have trained themselves.   For more information contact your local Job Service office or

Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training,
U.S. Department of Labor,
200 Constitution Ave., NW,
Room N4649, Washington, DC 
20210; 202-693-3812; or
NEW Tax Credits for Job Seekers
Check with for details on the following new tax credits that will help you during your job search?
  • $400 Rebate for 95% for people with incomes up to $75,000 ($150,000 couples). You get this money even if you owe no taxes.
  • Tax Credit (refund) Up To $5,000 For Families with 3 Children Making Less Than $42,000 even if you pay $0 taxes
  • Tax Credit (refund) Up To $2,500 For College Students In First 2 Years even if you pay no taxes
  • Tax Credit (refund) Up To $2,500 For College Students In First 2 Years even if you pay no taxes
  • $15,000 Tax Credit To Purchase A Home
  • $250 For Seniors, Disabled and Others
  • First $2,400 of Federal Unemployment Benefits in 2009 is Not Taxable
  • The Federal Government Will Subsidize 65% of Your COBRA Health Insurance  If You Lost Your Job Between 9/1/2008 and 12/31/2009
  • For 2009 You Can Deduct State, Local and Excise Taxes You Pay On the Purchase of A New Car
  • In 2008 and 2009 Families With 529 College Savings Plan Can Make Withdrawals to Use for Computers and Computer Technology Like Internet Service For Students Living At Home
  • In 2008 and 2009 If You Commute To Work Using Public Transportation Your Employer Can Put Aside $320 A Month in Pre-Tax Money for Commuting
  • Temporary Fix To Keep Millions of People From Paying the Alternative Minimum Tax
  • $8,000 Tax Credit For First Time Home Buyers