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Money And Your Consumer Advocate Available For New Health Care Plans


Dr. Mohammad Akter
Director, DC Health Department

  Interview Highlights

  • Consumer Exchange Boards (or something similar) Will Be Available In Every State To Help Consumers and Business Purchase Health Care Under The New Law.
  • The Exchange Board starts January 1, 2014.
  • This Board is a way for consumers to compare various health care plans under the new health care system.
  • This Board will provide information in a way similar to Consumer Reports.
  • You will be able to compare how much each plan costs and what benefits you receive.
  • This information service will be used by both businesses and consumers.
  • This protects someone shopping for health insurance to be talked into buying a plan without the benefit of comparing it to other plans.
  • There will also be personal help available for consumers and businesses.
  • Help is available on the phone or online to help understand the options.
  • The Exchange Board also tell consumers what kind of subsidy they are eligible for that will help pay for health insurance coverage.
  • Most families earning up to $30,000 will not pay for health insurance.
  • Families making more than $30,000 will still be eligible for subsidies that will pay a percentage based on income.
  • Many items in the new plan are available right now including:
    • Companies cannot charge for preventive services
    • Children under 26 have to be covered under parent's policy
    • You can call your doctor right now and ask for a check up, and they can not charge you anything
    • Right now insurance companies can not drop you because of a pre-existing condition
    • Also right now, every state has an Ombudsman to investigate any complaint you have with a health insurance company
    • You don't have to call a lawyer to get an insurance company to treat you right, these agencies will do it for you for free!
    • Before the insurance companies had all the rights but ot the consumer; now consumers have access to all their rights at no charge.
    • You can get all the check up examinations you want now for free.
    • You can even get coverage for help to quit smoking, depression and weight loss.