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Money To Train Your Employees

Money and Help For People To Find Jobs
Money & Help For Companies To Find People And Train Employees

( This is just one example of the many Career One-Stop offices that are available across the nation. Services and income requirements will vary from office to office. Be sure to check for available programs and eligibility requirements at your local office: )
Nury M. Marroquin
Intensive Services Manager &
Gerald F. Aldridge
Business Services Manager

Montgomery Works
11002 Veirs Mill Road,
South Bldg #510
Wheaton, MD 20902
They work with the following kinds of people:
  • Dislocated Workers: people who lost their job and are looking for another.
  • Low Income Workers who are looking for a job or have a job and want a better job.
  • Low Income Workers who are working and want better skills.
  • All income categories from entry level workers to executives.
Services for Workers:
  • Free English classes for those working or not working; classes are also available Saturdays and evenings.
  • Citizenship not required, but must be here legally.
  • Free resume writing.
  • Free help with job interviewing techniques.
  • Work with other offices to solve housing problems, bus and metro passes, day care problems and other issues.
  • Free one-on-one counseling.
  • Training programs to get new skills.
  • Special help for those who want to start a business instead of getting a job.
  • County also has incubator programs where small businesses can come and get subsidized office space and other help to get their business off the ground.
  • Man from Central America had trouble going back to work and was sent to training to get a professional CTL driver's license. After graduation he worked for an employer for 9 months and was able to start his own business.
  • Great success for single moms. One client with no money and 3 kids, got help with an apartment, a free training program, transportation to and from training, day care if she needed it while in training, and then a job that offered her free college tuition to become a registered nurse.
People come into the services by accident, but come out saying, "Why Didn´t I Know About These Services?"
Services for Business:
  • Work with big and small companies.
  • Help with recruiting with free job postings. Go to http://www.mwejobs.comto sign-up and they also pre-screen applicants.
  • Companies can use facilities for free to interview potential workers and even use other services like drug testing.
  • Will help pay for training for current employees. Will pay for 50% of the training, like a computer class, human resources class, laboratory techniques class.
  • Yoga teacher received training money to take a course ($200-$300) in a new technique. Or other businesses received money to take computer training classes at $2,000 a day.
  • The key is to apply at least 3 weeks before the training to get funding in time for the course.
  • Help with outplacement when laying off employees and they actually help get jobs for those laid off and it´s FREE.
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