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Discounts On Rents And Mortgages

  Montgomery Country Maryland.
  Department Of Housing and Community Affairs
  • Grants, Loans and Forgiveable Loans To Buy or Fix Up A House
  • Grants and Loans To Fix up A Business
  • 50% Discount On Rents
  • Houses At 50% Discount
  • Grants For Non-Profits Who Help Their Neighbors
  • Down Payment Grtants and Loans
  • Low Interest Loans For Devlopers
  • Free Help With Applications
  • Free Lagal Help To Fight Your Landlord


  Interview with Richard Y. Nelson, Jr., Director

Even if you do not live in Montgomery County Maryland this interview will show you the kinds of programs that can be available in your county. Once you view the video go to and search for your county government and also look for the countries in your surrounding area. I am sure you would be happy to move a few miles if someone would offer you a $400,000 house for only $200,000.

The income requirements vary with each program. Many of the lower income requirements in Montgomery County will go up to $60,000 for a family of 4 and some have no income requirements at all. It always pays to investigate no matter what the income requirements are. There may be exceptions or you may fit into a special category that is not printed in their literature. It can't hurt to ask.

This office is one of a number of county offices that give out grants to local non-profit organizations to solve problems in the county. Here are some recent grants that were awarded:

  • $20,000 for teenagers to start their own business.
  • $20,000 for low-income families to obtain cars.
  • $29,000 to provide free legal assistance to Asian immigrants.
  • $34,000 to assist eligible individuals to pay for prescription drugs.
  • $23,000 to help low-income families pay their first months rent
  • $5,000 to provide matching grants to an Individual Savings Account (IDAs)
  • $20,000 low-cost micro loans to low-income entrepreneurs

Listen how Mr. Nelson mentions that about 50% of the people who apply for these grants get them. If you are not a non-profit be sure to find out which non-profits in your area are getting this block grant money that may help you with financial problems or free services.

Also pay attention when Mr. Nelson shows you how to contact the elected official who is his boss if you feel you were mistreated. Elected officials don't want to lose your vote.