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Post 911 Pays Ex-Navy to Study To Be Professional Triathlete


Alan Kipping-Ruane

  Interview Highlights

  • The Post 911 GI Bill pays 100% of his college at Penn State University.
  • They also pay for housing based on the zip code he lives in.
  • He also gets $1,000 - $1,200 for books, tutoring supplies, etc.
  • He also has a freelance consulting business online.
  • He was in the Navy for 5 years.
  • He is a high performance triathlon coach.
  • He was a rescue swimmer in the Navy jumping out of helicopters.
  • He studies exercise science in college.
  • He hopes to be a professional triathlete.
  • He was always a competitive swimmer in school.
  • School was hard for him when he got out of high school and now it's great.
  • You can tell who the veterans are on campus.
  • If he had to do it again he would go to community college and pay for it out-of-pocket and then have Uncle Sam pay for a master's degree.
  • They pay for 36 months of classes at a rate of the highest paid public tuition in that state.
  • Penn State is $20,000 and if he wanted to go to a private college that costs $40,000, he would have to pay the $20,000 difference.
  • There are other programs that may pay the difference between the tuition.