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Non-Profit Greens Roofs In The City


Sara Loveland
DC Greenworks
1701 6th St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
 (202) 518-6195

  Interview Highlights

  • They are an environmental non-profit organization that supports many government organizations and the general public to make the buildings in the Washington DC area green.
  • They work on storm water issues. In a city like DC, you have a combined sewage system. So when you have heavy rainfall all of the sewage combines with storm water. Plants can't handle the capacity so the sewage starts overflowing into the river.
  • They design green roofs which helps stop the water from getting into the sewage system plus save energy in the building.
  • The soil they use on roofs is more like lava rock.
  • The first two years of your green roof is very critical and then it becomes pretty easy.
  • They get some funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency's storm water program. The money starts at the EPA and goes to the District government and then to DC Greenworks.
  • They hire people who want to get trained in how to develop green roofs.
  • Green Roofs can extend the life of the roof, cut down on your heating and cooling costs, and they look great.
  • You can used green roofs to grow herbs and agriculture.
  • Every government program they are a part of are pilot programs so it's new for everyone and no one knows what they are doing. We're figuring it out as we go along.
  • She was at a conference recently where someone from the Renewable and Energy Efficiency Office at the Department of Energy said he usually manages a $5 million dollar budget, but this year the budget is $3.5 BILLION.
  • Two of her existing programs already received Stimulus Money.