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Non-Profit Recycles and Create Jobs


Jacki Kimel, President
Board of Directors
Aveneus to Independence

  Interview Highlights

  • The people at Recycling Avenue are cleaning the earth and providing jobs for people that would normally not have a job.
  • They started 2 companies that provide jobs for the physically challenged. One company recycles cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, cartridges, and digital cameras. The other company sells anything they can on eBay.
  • Ms. Campone started these businesses so that her son, who has cerebral palsy, and his friends have someplace to come and work.
  • She was able to get office space, desks, and computers from Avenues to Independence, , an organization that provides support to adults with disabilities.
  • They received a $20K grant from Progressive Services Network, , a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money and public awareness for adults with special needs.
  • They received a $1K grant from the Rotary Club of Schaumburg and are planning to reach out to all of the Rotary Clubs in 11 communities where they have recycling bins: