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The Children In Your Life Will Love You Foreve


Robert J. Frein, Director
Bureau of Subsidized Child Care Services
Office of Child Development and Early Learning Pennsylvania,

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  Interview Notes

  • He has been working at this for 9 years.
  • They handle children from 0 to 13 years old.
  • They report to the Dept of Welfare as well as the Dept of Education.
  • They have 4 offices including the Bureau of Certification.. which licenses the different types of child care providers.
    • Day Care Centers have more than 11 children.
    • Group Home has 7 to 11 children.
    • Family Day Care Home has 4 to 6 children.
  • They have an online applications, online child care provider search and regional offices that provide help and information for parents to understand what their options are.
  • They have a quality rating system that shows 1 to 4 stars for how good the center is.
  • Type in zip code and age of child to see what is available near you.
  • They also have 59 child care information agencies that give personal help and determine eligibility.
  • These help anyone, no matter what income) just interested in looking for child care.
  • They know all the providers in the community.
  • Help with before and after school care.
  • They will bus your child to and back from school for before and after school child care.
  • A place for children on vacation days, don't have to be a latch key kid.
  • If you are approved for TANF and in a training program you are automatically eligible for child care.
  • Head Start program has an income eligibility of 100% of poverty.
  • Pennsylvania child care programs has an eligibility of 200% (about $45,000/family 4) of poverty. You lose eligibility when you go above 235% of the poverty level.
  • Brain development is most important in the first 5 years of life.
  • Your child care provider is more important in your life than your college professor.
  • You can get services if you child seems like they are not developing from age 0 to 13.
  • Services for these children can be provided at the home or at the child care center.
  • They can also get you in to other programs that will help you child like health insurance, cloths and more.
  • The star rating shows the qualifications of the providers.
  • Quality care saves dollars today and tomorrow.
  • If you invest in early education you save later in tutoring, special education and the tests scores go up.
  • In states that have high quality early childhood care and full day kindergartner, the kids in those states do very well.
  • For every dollar invested in early childhood education today saves you $1.75 now and $7 to $14 later.
  • It costs $36,000 year to have someone in prison.
  • It costs $1 million to take care of a baby with Shaken Baby Syndrome.
  • And have a much stronger workforce.
  • Big misconception is people think child care is baby sitting.. it's not.
  • 90% Of brain development happens before school, so child care is so important.
  • Parents are the first teachers for children.
  • They provide services and financial assistance for people with children.
  • 130,000 Children in their state subsidized program.
  • They have 8,500 hundred licensed child care providers.
  • They are an office you can complain about a child care center and they will investigate the provider.
  • They pay more for child care providers who have more stars.