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Pet Supply Store Gets Money and Help to Franchise

Julie Paez and Pennye Jones-Napier
The Big Bad Woof,

  Start Pet Supply Business & Save The World Highlights

  • They are franchising their company.
  • They are a B Corporation.
  • That means they are a company that pays attention to the triple bottom line: planet, people, and profits.
  • They go through an audit from a national association to prove that they are not brain washing.
  • They buy a lot of goods that are taken out of the waste stream.
  • They buy from a lot of companies that are minority owned and pay sustainable living wages.
  • They provide health insurance for their full-time employees.
  • They are the first Benefit Corporation in the state of Maryland.
  • They are licensed by the state.
  • They have to go through a 3rd party audit to become a Benefit Corporation.
  • A 'B' Corporation helps you provide management tools.
  • Every state has different incentives to become a Benefit Corporation.
  • They started 7 years ago.
  • They always had dogs in their house and always wanted to feed their dogs healthy foods.
  • They deal in a lot of food supplements for animals.
  • Their problems are like most other small companies: staff and money.
  • They have a lot of products made in USA that are toxic free.
  • They are always looking for better products.
  • If you buy good products that last a long time you don't add junk into the waste stream.
  • Their website for franchising is