How Shoplifters Beat EAS Security Systems

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According to the Office For National Statistics (ONS), the retail sector experienced an 8% rise in shoplifting during 2016. The actual number was more than 350,000 reported incidents of theft – an increase of 25,000 from the previous year. Furthermore, the Association of Convenience Stores reported in their 2017 crime survey that convenience retailers each experienced losses through theft numbering more than £4,500 on average – around £232m security tag

Figures like this just demonstrate how important it is for any type of retailer – no matter if they're a national chain store or a local convenience outlet – to be able to employ sufficient security measures within their store. Whether it's a high-quality CCTV camera, EAS security systems or even analytic software that can sufficiently measure the number of people in a store; the benefits provided far outweigh the initial costs of installing such systems.
This year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary of providing high-end retail security equipment that will make a vastly-improved difference to the operations of a store. Throughout our 2 decades of operations, we have constantly kept ourselves at the forefront of the changing trends and technologies within the industry and having built up this knowledge and experience, we are able to confidently say that we will be able to install a custom security installation for all of our clients. No matter your requirements or type of business, we are able to revolutionise your retail environment, making it as secure as humanly possible.

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