Validating your smartphone camera with professional photographers just became the new nonsense

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asked Aug 7 by freemexy (24,480 points)

Validating your smartphone camera with professional photographers just became the new nonsense A new phone launch, a new way to justify the camera's skills. Whenever a new phone is launched, a line of professional photographers or notable organisations are ushered in the door by manufacturers to validate its performance. OnePlus has just announced that it is teaming up with National Geographic to showcase the prowess of the OnePlus 7 Pro camera. "The National Geographic team handpicked three world-renowned photographers Andy Bardon, Carlton Ward Jr. and Krystle Wright for an expedition to capture the rugged beauty of North America through the lens of the OnePlus 7 Pro." OnePlus is treading a well-worn path: Google teamed up with Conde Nast to shoot magazine covers; Nokia launched the 9 PureView, its 5-lens phone, with Tuomas Harjumaaskola on stage; Game of Thrones director David Franco talked highly of the LG V30; The Tonight Show got itself filmed on the Samsung Galaxy S10; and these are just the recent endorsements that spring to mind. Such is the profile of having the best smartphone camera that endorsements and partnerships are now par for the course. What was once a novelty - here's a professional talking about using a phone not a DSLR - has become the commonplace. Endorsements aren't exciting, they're predictable. From high-profile professionals down to micro influencers, the message is the same: these photos are great because this phone is great and here's a range of beautiful photos to validate that. Arguably, the most effective photo-based campaign has been Apple's Shot on iPhone. It has graced billboards globally as Apple takes the opportunity to showcase the amazing photographs taken on its phone. It's lead to iPhone Photography Awards but it's also lead to every manufacturer comparing themselves to the iPhone to prove it is technically better.

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