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Katie Petersen
Director, iStart

  Interview Highlights

  • An online platform to allow business plan competitions to run more effectively.
  • It can really be any kind of competition as long as the goal is to make these ideas for ventures to be more accessible for others.
  • They make all abstracts accessible to public so that investors, mentors or other entrepreneurs can help move these ideas forward.
  • They will soon be able to submit them individually as long as they are a student.
  • There will be 2 parts to the site, one to help people run competitions and the other when students can submit their plans.
  • It can be used by high schools, universities, for profit companies, or anyone who wants to run a competition.
  • The competition portion of the site is for anyone who wants to run a business plan competition.
  • The open business plan submission portion is only for students.
  • 30 days after the competition the abstracts can be made available for the public, if they want.
  • They are 29 competitions that are currently running on the platform.
  • For 22 of these 29 competitions anyone can apply, the others are closed for a certain community.
  • Rice University gives out $1 million in prizes.
  • Others will give out $5,000 to $10,000.
  • None of the competitions are completed yet... most follow the school year.
  • They are hoping to bring standardization to the work of business plan competition and to make the ideas public.
  • Other programs from Kaufman foundation:
    • iBridge Network.. identifies innovations from college campuses from beginning ideas to complete patented ideas, a clearinghouse of 13,000 innovations are in the database.
    • Fast Track... a boot camp for entrepreneurs. It trains trainers to train entrepreneurs.
    • Kauffman Labs... a place for experimenting with new ways of brining many more entrepreneurs to success.