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Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Learn To Use Washington


Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

  • We work for small businesses in Washington, D.C.
  • We provide them with a voice on Capitol Hill, we meet with federal agencies and the White House, and Members of Congress.
  • We look at what the government is providing to small businesses.
  • We let our members know what small businesses can get from the government in the way of training and resources as well as access to capital.
  • If you are not paying close attention to Washington you are missing a big part of the picture.
  • Washington impacts your business, your operations and competitiveness.
  • Regulation impacts small business 3 times more than big business.
  • Women are starting businesses at 2 times the rate as men.
  • Minority women are starting businesses at 6 times the rate as minority men.
  • Women are more successful than men at business.
  • Businesses are looking for new business opportunities.
  • New businesses have to go global.
  • There are a lot of great FREE programs to help small businesses go global.
  • The Government has government officials that will help you sell overseas.
  • 95% of consumers are outside of the U.S.
  • The government wants you to get the word out about their services.
  • SBA has great networks of free services within it.
  • SBA has gotten a lot better at streamlining the process of getting help.
  • They have great procurement training center to help small businesses get government contracts.
  • Within every agency, they also have free help for small business called the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Businesses Utilization to help them get government contracts.
  • All government agencies have to do a certain amount of business with small businesses.
  • We have all the contacts listed on our website
  • The government will tell you where they are going to be spending their money next year.
  • There is a big opportunity in getting sub-contracts from companies who are getting big government contracts.
  • The source of job growth is going to come from small business.
  • There is a big opportunity for business loans right now.
  • There is a big opportunity in the Green area for small business.
  • Small business now has to operate in more transparency.
  • Your only security is working for yourself.
  • The slow economy makes more people start their own business.
  • Her advice for people is to "find your passion".
  • Information is important for your success and the government gives it to you for free.
  • People are paying for this information so they should use it.
  • You can get reports for free on markets in other countries.
  • There are a lot of things that the government provides for small business and we want to let them know about it.
  • A lot of their members say they are benefiting from the information that the government is providing.