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Start or Expand A Business In Idaho

Susie Davidson, Manager
Business Attraction Group
Idaho Dept of Commerce
208-334-2650 x 2146

Highlights From Speakers:
Tod Schwarz
College of Southern Idaho
  • Idaho has been the #1 or #2 producer of patents in the last 10 years.
  • Fastest growing patent producers are small businesses of 1 or 2 people
  • Because they live in Idaho they want to do things better and faster
  • Idaho has one of the lowest costs for doing business; there are only 4 other states that are lower
Steven Aumeier
Idaho National Labs
  • The first light bulb powered by nuclear power was done in 1951 in Idaho National Labs
  • They are not industry and are not university
  • There are 13 national labs in the country and focus on energy security
  • They provide innovation and produce a lot of patents and open sourcing
  • They also provide risk reduction to help speed products to markets
  • Their roots are in the nuclear energy business and now do a lot of renewable energy
  • They are close to $1 billion a year
  • They are big in bio energy, wind energy, geothermal and energy storage
  • They do a lot of work in private sector in battery systems
Tod Schwarz
College of Southern Idaho (CSI)
  • They get workforces trained
  • The campus is geothermal heated
  • Dell computer put up a facility there and has a training facility on their campus
  • They provide companies with a full time person to do employee screening
  • They provide trainers on site for companies to train their employees
  • They established apprenticeship programs to help food processing energy
  • They developed a program to train wind energy technicians
  • Their philosophy is that "there really are not green jobs there are green projects and green skills"
  • They development people with all kinds of skills including wind, solar, bio fuels and recycling
Jana Chalfant
Boise Valley Economic Development
  • They have a lot of geothermal in their area
  • Tn their region they have a partnership with Micron who have buildings that can be used for solar and other renewable energy manufacturing
Cliff Long
Director, Economic Development Director for City of Napa
  • 15 Miles west of Boise
  • Of the 300,000 workforce over 100,000 have college degrees
  • They have a great high tech workforce
  • They have a top 50 Engineering school
Gynil Gillam
Director, of Economic Development Bannock
  • They focus on renewable energy companies coming to open in their area
  • One of their companies got a $38 million stimulus grant from the Dept of Energy
Q and A Session