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Rob McCord
Pennsylvania State Treasurer

After interviewing Rob McCord, Lesko found the above missing money for his mother-in-law at

Below is the money that was found with just a few clicks.

  Interview Highlights

  • He is a directly elected state treasurer-only half of state treasurers in U.S. are elected.
  • He is a different party than the current governor.
  • Pennsylvania has a 1.3 million democrat majority.
  • He is a fiscal watch dog, the chief investment officer and CEO of a 420 people operation.
  • He runs programs that are designed to increase the economic security of Pennsylvanians.
  • The money they make from things like Unclaimed Property programs pays for the budget of the their entire office a few times over.
Unclaimed Property Program:
  • It is about 60-70 year old program.
  • They have a couple of Billion dollars of unclaimed property.
  • You can go to and find your missing money in any state.
  • Also check it easy to use.
  • They also have a lot of abandoned property-you can have abandoned property without knowing it.
  • It can be insurance value, uncollected last paychecks, escrow accounts, security deposits, gift cards, etc..
  • They have $8.6 million in unclaimed gift cards.
  • Almost every year since he has been in office he has been able to find missing money for himself.
  • About 1 in 10 Pennsylvanians have money waiting for them.
  • The average claim is about $1,200.
  • Pennsylvania has about $2 billion waiting to be claimed and the country as a whole has about $33 billion.
  • Their office cost the state about $33 million but generates about $115 million in positive income for the state budget just through Unclaimed Property alone.
  • They auction off unclaimed real property (stuff) on eBay.
  • There are companies that will do this search for you and legally charge you up to 15% of what they find (but you can do this yourself with a few mouse clicks).
  • Their main job is to invest the state money in security investments.
Energy Loans: They have a home energy low-interest loan program that allows home owners to cut their heating bills:
College Money: They have a program to help save for a college education in tax free saving program; you can use this for your own education also:
See for programs in other states
MicroLoans For Entrepreneurs: They run a program through Community Banks that provides micro-loans to entrepreneurs so people don't have to use high priced credit cards to finance their business: