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  Government Money Club and Lesko Mentor Service

It was a pleasure speaking with you. Lesko is an honest and true mentor. - Alex Diaz


It warms my heart to think there are still people out there who take their jobs so seriously. I am Amazed at the amount of time you must have taken to write that email and do the research. - Bonnie James


WOW!!!! This is wonderful, you have given me some great leads and help. But you've also helped restore some of my faith in people. I was hoping that Mr. Lesko was different that the others that supposedly offer these same types of information and you've shown that it is most likely. I would like to join at some point later on, as soon as I can get thing to a better level. Thank you for all your help. I can't tell you how much it means to receive such a positive response and service. I will get started on these suggestions tonight, I work until 11 PM but I am very excited and I want to check it out ASAP. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - Joanne


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this research. You're amazing. I don't think I could have come up with such a localized list as quickly as you have done. - Gloria Divine


TI appreciate your condor. You are down to earth and you have a gentleness to help others that can only be found from above. - Jonathan Carrington


I have nothing but good things to say about his advice and help. - Michael Davis


Thank you for all the information on so many topics. God Bless. - Nancy Karen Clayton


A big thank you to Mr. Lesko and staff for keeping us "common folks" in the loop of Govt. Programs.-Jessie A.


Thank you for providing years of advertising that let me know what to do if I needed to obtain emergency operations funding for my small business. - David DeVaul


I've always know Matthew to be a person of integrity and dedication to helping people get the information they need to fulfill their personal dream. - Fred A.


When I was looking through the Government Money Club website I saw an item about missing money and thought I'd check it out.....They had a check for me for $139..... A week or so later I had a check for money I didn't even know about. - Janie Tinnon


I really appreciate the help....I will use whatever resources I have to get back on my feet and your guide will be another tool for me to get there. Again, I appreciate the help and wish you the best. Thank. - Ronald O.


I am telling you all this Kelly (Lesko Researcher) to help you understand how grateful I am that you have helped me by giving me all these contacts! I cannot thank you enough for caring enough to take the time to research all this information and it it to me. Even with all the happenings at my house, I still consider use blessed to have found someone like you, to help me with our financial problems. - Jan Tay


I know you must deal with hundreds or thousands of people. For you to take the time to make sure just one person (me) gets what they need is my kind of customer service. You get my rah-rah's. Thanks so very much. - Bonnie Maxwell


Thank you for your quick reply, I think ?? That's a ton of info you sent me!!! I really appreciate it! I didn't think about researching other states for programs I could utilize. Thanks again for your help. - Ray McPherson


What wonderful hopeful information! What an outstanding public service! Fie on your detractors! Keep up the excellent work! - Martin Powell


God bless you for the nice things you are doing to help people. - Frank Kwaku Ocoloo