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The Worst Web Money Making Opportunities

Watch Doug Winters' Experience in Purchasing 6 Money Making Systems

Remember... you don't have a chance in a fair discussion with these marketers. These people spend their entire life figuring out what will get you to buy their product and are prepared with great answers to any question of doubt you may have. You can't deal with them alone. Here is where to get help about the legitimacy of their products:

  1. Watch this video and you will see how a smart, educated guy got taken in by 6 "So Called Opportunities".
  2. Contact the Better Business Bureau to see how they treat people. You will need the city and state they are located in. If you can't find it easily on their website, forget them. Search at Don't worry about their overall rating because they tend to rate non-members lower than members. They can act like a Mafia protection racket. Their consumer complaint record offers the best data. See how many complaints they have and how many of these complaints were satisfied. If they are not close to 100%, forget it. That means they are very nice to you before they get your money and not so nice once they have it.
  3. Get a free independent analysis from a local business professional. Your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has free consultants that are paid by the government to help you start or expand any business. To find your local office, put in your zip code here:
Video Notes:
Top Musician Tells How Money Making Scams TAKE Your Money.
  1. He was a musical arranger for The Playboy Clubs and had a successful band commanding top dollar for weddings and corporate parties, charging $10,000 for a gig.
  2. Wrote jingles for television.
  3. He was a protege of famous Jazz musician, Bob James.
  4. He is also an accomplished arranger and orchestrator.
  5. The economy made the bottom fall out of his band business and he started looking into business opportunities for making money until his band business comes back.
  6. Once you fill out an opt-in form you will be in.
  7. Many of the websites are funny, one has a Las Vegas stripper explaining the offer.
  8. Most are basically trying to get you to sell their business opportunity to other people who will sell the business opportunity for you to make a profit.
  9. One said "For $49 You Can Become a Millionaire"...if you say no, they say "how about $39, then $29".
  10. Then you say yes and they start selling you more thing.
What To Do When They Don't Give Your Money Back

Don't think about hiring an attorney when you can get someone to investigate your complaint that is more powerful than an attorney: The Government. If the company is located in the USA they will be more afraid of the government than any attorney. If they don't play nice with the government, the government can put them out of business. Best part: it costs you nothing. Make sure you send a copy of anything you send to the government to the company in question. Here are the two main places to file. Do it not only for you, but to let others know about the practices of these organizations.

The State Attorney General's Office at -

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission at -