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Top 10 Terrific Opportunities in Lean Times

There are always opportunities in economic recessions. When most people look around and see nothing but trouble and misery, others see new opportunities to profit and grow. It has always been this way.

For the past 30 years I have been helping people look at things in a different light, from Fortune 500 companies to individuals who want to take advantage of government programs to get ahead.

During the current recession, government programs and services offer the best opportunities. No one else is spending a fraction of what the government is offering to help speed an economic recovery. Right or wrong, the government offers the best help for business and personal growth, and it is spending at a phenomenal rate.

If you are looking for opportunities, go where the money is.

Here are my Top Ten government programs to help get you started. (The links provided can help you learn more about these opportunities.)

Get A Job From The Stimulus Money
Start A Business For Free
Make Money Weatherizing
Make More As A Freelancer
Become A Teacher
Invest In You: Go Back To School
Join The Health Care Profession
Get Your Home Fixed For Free
Get A Government Job
Escape On A Free Government Vacation
Matthew Lesko