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University of San Diego Personal Marketing Class

Speach Highlights
  • I could not sit still in class and was always told "Sit down, Lesko!"
  • I thought my middle name was "Sit Down".
  • Now I make a lot of money jumping up and down acting goofy, but never got any encouragement to do this in class.
  • How wearing the question mark suit first cost me millions and then make me more.
  • Making a decision that hurts you can eventually open doors to opportunities that you would never imagine could happen.
  • Decisions that seem dumb to others can be the best decisions in your life.
  • The suit gets me free upgrades on the airlines and free coffee at Starbucks.
  • I wish I had had the courage to wear question mark suits 30 years.
  • Young people have a better view of the future than older people do.
  • Older people are trying to get all the auto factories back.
  • Should we also all go back to farming?
  • Young people are not invested in the old.
  • I was teaching computers in the 70s.
  • Anyone with a few week's experience was an expert in computers.
  • I was teaching a computer class at one university and taking the same course at another university.
  • I would keep the class I was teaching one week behind the class I was taking.
  • The green economy is like that now, you don't need much experience to be an expert because no one has very much experience.
  • In the next 2 years, the only people who are going to have money in this country are those who are getting money from the government.
  • Start a little home-based business during the summer.
  • My son started a part-time business in high school called "We Can Do That".
  • He was averaging $17 dollars an hour instead of $7 an hour if he looked for a job somewhere else.
  • It took me 2 failing businesses to figure out that no one cares if you fail.
  • Your loved ones can be your worst enemy because they don't want to see you fail.
  • When the reality of life is that most of the things you do will fail.
  • We are all artists at something and it is our obligation to figure out what it is.
  • How I sold millions of books by being a professional guest.
  • Advertising does not have to be expensive if you realize that advertising is only worth what someone will pay for it.
  • My first 30-minute commercial cost me about $200,000 now it costs me about $10,000.
  • The more you pay for the people that work for you the harder they are to work with.
  • Remember that everyone is guessing and are scared as heck.
  • I've written over 100 books and only 10 have sold a lot. So I am right only 10% of the time.
Hi Matthew, all I can say is "many thanks!"
Your very realistic and eye/mind opening presentations to two of my classes and the Marketing Group at USD were spectacular and appropriate for all ages and stages in employment. I love the resources you make available to people, they have to look around and take it on themselves to save, earn, and succeed.
Thanks again! Will spread the word too!
Dr. Tim A. Becker, Adjunct Business Professor
University of San Diego
Total Recall Learning - "Don't Forget!"
Hi Miss Samson,
I want to first thank you for giving The Marketing Group and the Personal Selling class an opportunity to hear from Matthew Lesko. Matthew Lesko was an amazing and unique speaker, one of the best, inspirational speakers that we have had. He gave us practical advice that was easily-applicable in a very refreshing and lively manner as compared to the usual speakers. The only concern I have heard would be the choices of words such as using masturbation,coming from the administrative perspective. But besides that one issue, I have heard nothing but positive thoughts from the students and faculty on Mr. Lesko's speech from two groups (Personal Selling class and The Marketing Group). There were many students and faculty that had wished they had come to hear him speak. Is there any chance he is still continuing his College Speaking Tour next school year because we would love to hear from him again!
I hope this has helped. If more is needed, please let me know because I would be more than willing to write more.


Belinda Ngo
The Marketing Group
University of San Diego