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Urban Farming - Community Gardens


Arthur Morgan
Community Garden Baltimore
Urban Farming
Hamilton Elementary Middle School

  Interview Highlights

  • They teach kids in middle school where fruit and vegetables come from.
  • They also teach about rain water and water conservation by collecting rain water off the gym roof for the garden.
  • This was an unused parking lot.
  • They serve as a community garden throughout the neighborhood.
  • They use vacant space and backyards where the people in the community can come and grow fruit and vegetables.
  • They all share the food.
  • Neighbors get together and grow food on their property instead of cutting their grass.
  • It costs a little money to get started.
  • Restaurants will come and tell you want kind of food they will pay for.
  • If you are hungry you can come and work for awhile and then you can get food from the garden.
  • There are restaurants right in the neighborhood that have roof top gardens.
  • The social aspect is one of the best parts of community farming.