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Retired Vet Gets Money and Help For Banana Bread Business


Mike Lawrence
Top Banana
Havana Banana Breads
PO Box 3332
Laurel, MD 20709

  Interview Highlights

  • Retired from US Army as Lieutenant Colonel and decided he did not want to work in an office.
  • I always wanted to do cooking an baking my whole life and there is no other company like this in America.
  • 2 Years ago when he started he decided to go the conservative route and not invest a lot of money in baking equipment for a venture he was not certain of its success.
  • He has 6 flavors of banana bread.
  • He rented space in a bakery to start and business has done so well that he is not expanding into his own facility.
  • He is now in Whole Foods.
  • They are made with real bananas.
  • He is debt free, you do not need a big place until you can justify it.
  • You can peel a case of bananas in about 8 minutes.
  • As a Veteran he receive money under Patriot Act Program.
  • Even if you are a Vet you still have to qualify.
  • It's a lot of paperwork but it you keep you eye on the prize its worth it.
  • Now he will be able to grow the business and create jobs.
  • He got help with the free services at the local Small Business Development Centers.
  • They helped him get his loans and provide counseling from cradle to grave of your business.
  • It is a continuing mentoring program.
  • His free counselor is a lawyer with an MBA.
  • A small business person should not walk into a bank without being prepared.
  • These free counselors will prepare you.
  • They will work with you on your business plan, and it does not have to be long.
  • Uncle Sam also paid for his Master Degree.
  • I have never seen the government more supportive in the last 2 yearsv
  • He is planning to export, he now ships to Afghanistan.
  • Never trust a skinny baker.