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Get the Best Child Care Or Start A Child Care Business

Sharon R. Veatch, Executive Director
Virginia Child Care Resource & Referral Network
Richmond, VA, 866-KIDS-TLC

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Your Child Care :, 1-800-424-2246
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  Interview Highlights

  • State network coordinator for Virginia.
  • They work with people looking for child care as well as work with the child care community to improve child care services.
  • They also do a lot of advocacy work to improve child care policies and legislation.
  • They cover children from birth to age 13.
  • They also help with issues like after school care for children up to age 18.
  • They also evaluate child care programs that handle children up to 18.
  • They provide parents with the skills necessary to evaluate child care providers.
  • Child care investment can be the second biggest investment second to your mortgage.
  • They educate parents on care location, type of care, and different types of licensing.
  • Some places require permits, some licenses and some other forms, so you have to check what each means to make a good decision.
  • You can search for child care by zip codes and age of children.
  • Their toll free number will provide information on providers that meet your special needs.
  • They also help people become a child care provider.
  • You can be taking care of up to 5 children as a child care provider and not be licensed.
  • Religious exempt child care providers are not covered under the regulations.
  • Child care providers can get federal money to feed the children in their care.
  • There is a business opportunity for taking care of 5 or less children.
  • You can take your child care money and use it to pay the neighbor down the street to care of your child if they get some basic training.
  • If you are thinking about starting a child care business they can help you through the entire process.. they are better then going to an accountant.
  • They offer training courses in child care across the state at $5 to $30 per course.
  • National Association of Child Resource Agencies, they just changed their name to Child Care Aware America; they are national association of all state programs like theirs.
  • Parents think that child care is better regulated than it is.
  • So you have to know know to check out a child care provider.