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Wind Power For Your Home or Boat


Ben Harroun, VP
Angel Wind Energy
113 N. Pine
Onarga IL 60955

  Interview Highlights

  • They are a small business that sells wind energy to homes, businesses, boats, RVs, or the entire community.
  • They have been in business since September 2008.
  • What motivates the average household to convert to wind energy?
    • people like to show they are doing something for the environment.
    • it's portable for most people
    • it's within their price range.
    • it's not hard to do.
    • if you have enough land you can put up a turbine and recover 20% to 100% of your energy bills.
    • and if you have the right utility company you can sell them the excess power and make money on the deal.
  • Illinois has very good policies for paying you for your excess energy.
  • On average you can get a 6% to 7% return on your investment in wind turbines which is better than the stock market or a bank.
  • Their cheapest turbines run about $7,500 and after tax credits it's about $5,000 to put in your own wind turbine.
  • In addition, every state and local government has difference incentives.
  • One place in Ohio, you can get grants and tax credits to cover 80% of the price of a wind turbine.
  • In theory, wind turbines have a 20-30 year life span and you pay it off in 2 years which means you can get up to 28 years of free or reduced utility bills.
  • They have been working with homeowner associations that get grants to put in the wind turbines for free and then they sell excess power to the utility companies and make money on the deal.
  • They work with local government to change zoning laws so they can put in a wind turbine.
  • What stops people from doing this?.
    • a lot of people run into problems with local utilities because some don't pay you for the excess power.
    • many utilities know that this will change
  • How to investigate Wind Power.