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Emergency Housing


Interview with: Julie Britton Handen
Homeless Programs Administrator
Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity
950 Kanawha Blvd, East 3rd Fl
Charleston, WV 25301

This state office manages 2 federal grant money programs.
  • Emergency Shelter Grant Program
  • Housing Opportunities for People with Aids Programs
The state gives their money to local non-profit organizations to provide the help to individuals and families in the community. Contact your state office listed below to find organizations in your area who offer this help.
  • Every state gets funds for Emergency Shelter and Aids Patients both are programs from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • There are all kinds of people who are having problems shelter including, families that are temporarily stuck, single moms, veterans, etc.
  • There are many people who have jobs but cannot afford an apartment
  • It may take a number of calls and contacts to find the right place for help
  • Funding is also available to pay for rents or utilities in emergencies
  • Help is also available for people who are not quit homeless yet
  • Help is also available for funding transitional housing
  • All their money goes to non-profit organizations that do the real work
  • Don't wait till there is a crisis, get help as soon as you think you MAY a problem
  • Go to 211 for help
They are beginning to see younger people (about 20 years old) that need housing help.
  • They also get U.S. Department and Housing and Urban Development grants to help AIDS patients
  • They can use some of this money for other things then housing like health care, utilities etc.
  • These organizations that distributed these funds to individuals can also point you to other organizations that help AIDS patients
  • They don't want to spend their money if someone else is offering a service so they know other programs that may be available
  • They have 3 sites in the state of West Virginia that distribute these funds
  • They offer houses to line in and now also offer rental assistance payments
  • She started doing this work as a volunteer at one of the non-profits and is now in charge of the state programs
To Find Similar Offices In Your Are :
For Emergency Shelter Grant Program you can go to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Homeless Resource Exchange website at You can click on your state and then find the Continuum of Care (basically your town or area) from the list. You will then find your state point of contact for this program, as well as resources for Homeless Persons.
For the Housing Opportunities Program for People with AIDS, you can go to the Community Planning and Development website of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at Click on your state and you will find your state contact, as well as all the grantees who provide services in your state.
Over 1,000 local non-profit offices offer free money and help to improve your life in almost any area. Although these agencies do get money from the federal government they also get money from other sources, and as a result, no two of these offices are exactly alike. But most all of them help in the area of employment, bill paying, child care and self employment. Check with your local office to see what they offer. To find a community action agency near you go to: or

Community Action Partnership,
1100 17th St NW Suite 500,
DC 20036; 202-265-7546;
Fax: 202-265-8850;
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